For men who suffer from gynecomastia (man boobs) there are surgery options available to remove the excess glandular breast or fatty tissue. The gynecomastia reduction surgery has become a very popular option for men who suffer from this condition. According to the statistics, in 2001 over 16,500 men had the procedure done. This was a 48% increase, compared to 1997.

Gynecomastia surgery involves the use of liposuction. This is where all the excess fat is located in the patient’s chest is sucked out. ¬†Once this is completed there is a drastic reduction in the size of the individual’s breast. Generally patients often have some surgical reshaping of the chest done, in an attempt to make it look even flatter.

become popular in recent years as more and more doctors recognized the enormous financial opportunity involved. Gynecomastia surgery involves liposuction in which excess fat is sucked out of the patient’s chest, thereby reducing the sheer swollen size of the breasts. Often, the patient undergoes surgical reshapement of the chest in which the chest is made to look flatter.

Generally the price of the gynaecomastia surgery is between $2,500 and $4,000. This price does not include other costs such as anesthesia, operating room fees and prescription drugs. This procedure is usually done for cosmetic reasons, as a result of that, many insurance companies will not cover the costs associated with this surgery. For people who may not have all the money available, many of the surgeons who perform the procedure often have payment plans.

How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

When it comes to Gynecomastia Surgery, the average cost in the United States is around $6000 to $7,500. The costs that add to the overall cost will be discussed below.

Surgeon’s fee: $3,000 to $5,000

Certified Operating Facility fee: $1,500 to $1,800

Anesthesia (Board Certified Anesthesiologist): $275/hr.

Other costs: Compression vest, medications, tests and others

What Factors Affect the Surgery Cost?

There are many different factors that will affect the overall cost of gynecomastia surgery. Some of the more popular ones will be listed below:

The Doctor – Depending on the experience or popularity of the doctor performing the surgery, you should expect to pay more. This is necessarily not a bad thing, as a Dr. with more experience knows what they’re doing. Spending the extra money on a good doctor means that there are fewer risks involved with the surgery.

The Location – depending on where you are in the country, the cost of gynecomastia surgery may differ greatly. It may be more expensive to have the surgery done in Los Angeles, compared to the Midwest Cities. This is not always the case, but it should be considered when contemplating surgery.

What Needs to be Done – depending on what needs to be done during the surgery, he can have a great effect on the overall cost. Some people will require the more sensitive work than others, depending on how much fat needs to be removed and the reshipment of the breast area. The more work that needs to be done is the higher the cost.

Extent of Surgery – Some men with Gynecomastia have it worse than others. The extent of surgery is determined by how much excess fat is present in the patient’s chest and the degree of reshapement of the chest which is required. The more extensive the surgery, the higher the cost.

Will My Insurance Cover the Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

When it comes to the insurance company covering the cost of Gynecomastia surgery, this is very far and few between. Many insurance companies consider this surgery cosmetic and it is best to call the insurance provider to find out if they will cover this procedure. If they deny the initial request for coverage, you can always file an appeal with them. It should be noted that generally when an appeal is filed, very few people actually win.

If you really want insurance coverage for gynecomastia reduction surgery, then it is important that you tell them that’s you have a congenital condition and that you suffer from breast tenderness, if that is the case. If you are overweight, then it would be a very good idea to get as close to your ideal weight prior to making a claim, as this can have an effect on their decision.

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